Trying to Contain Myself

Hey PSBA readers!!  Today's post is pretty much me reliving one of the most exciting shopping excursions I've had in a very long time.  I'm grinning like an idiot as I type this because it was just so. much. fun, and honestly it's kind of a big deal (to me at least).  Normally I don't get excited about shopping. I remind you I work at a mall so the experience of going to the mall and shopping isn't that exciting to me.  Unless it's like super-duper fancy, or it's on my must-go-to-list then I'd be excited.  Monday's trip one of my shopping dreams came true...


TA, and I had tickets to see a Pirates/Reds game for a night game, and he had promised me that we'd go.  Trust me I held him to it. I even threatened if we didn't go I'd walk home...I kid, I kid...maybe.  But really it was THAT serious.  After seeing some of my fave bloggers use their items in their beautifully, organized homes, and loving my gift wrap organizer I just HAD to go, and see it all in person.  I mean we were already in town hours before the game so it just made sense to go...right??

I was so in-the-moment that I didn't stop to take ANY pictures.  Plus I didn't want to be a creeper, but I did walk around aimlessly for 30 minutes while TA trailed behind asking "what exactly was I looking for"?.....That is not an easy question especially for an indecisive person like myself.  I almost blurted out "EVERYTHING"!!!

After soaking in every savory, organized square inch of the store I came out with these awesome items:

It doesn't look like a whole lot, but I was on a budget of $25, and were top priority from my wishlist. 

Now that winter is over (fingers crossed!!) I still keep my boots in the coat closet for the occasional rainy day, and needed the sticks (really it's a clip) to keep them standing upright.  And the baby blue is one of my favorite colors!!

I'm spending more time in the kitchen whipping up some awesome foods, but measurements have always given me trouble.  This handy lil' equivalent measuring chart is magnetic so not only can it be on the fridge I can stick it on the range while cooking so I don't mess up my masterpieces :-P.

The mini-measuring tape will live in my purse.  I don't always bring my project planner with me, but I will jot down a measurement in case I'm looking for something specific.  But again b/c I'm horrible with (estimating) measurements this will be a life-saver while shopping for the home.

  The tote was my #1 item on the list.  I have a little "starter kit" of craft supplies from all of the projects I've done thus far, and they've lived on the floor in my second bedroom.  No joke.  Yes I could have gone to Wal-Mart, Target, or even the Dollar Tree, but the nice things about the Smart Store is you can customize them to fit your needs.  With cups, trays, and other dividers they really can be a dream come true for whatever it is that needs to be organized.  

Now all of my craft supplies (for now) are in one space, and I can see everything in it!!

For this being a smaller size tote it is the perfect size for my little collection.  Obviously as time goes on, and more supplies are acquired I'll purchase the cups, and trays.  For now my little, organized heart is content with my craft supplies finally having a home.

I'm telling you now if you love anything, and everything that helps with organized (that is also stylish and budget-friendly), or haven't been to one already you definitely need to visit a store.  It will definitely take your breath away with how the merchandise is presented.  So clean, streamlined, and well, organized!!  I can't wait to make another trip!!  In instances like these I prefer brick-and-mortar shopping versus online shopping.  I love the instant gratification, and the whole shopping experience there!!

Have a good rest of the week, and stay Prudent my friends!!

*This post was in no way sponsored, nor was I compensated for it.  All opinions and content are my own*


Graphic & Colorful Photo Storage

Hey everyone!!  First off I want to apologize about my Vase Silhouette Art post.  I had linked up to a party thru Carrie This Home, and after doing so I changed the permalink to the post to better reflect the post's content.  So I'm sorry if you had trouble finding the post!  Hopefully you can forgive, and now I know to better pay attention to those little details.  Learn something new everyday! :)

I had some free time over the weekend (shock!), and the weather cooperated just enough to get a few small projects taken care of that have been on my list.  Nothing major, but more so sprucing up items I have around the house.  Sometimes things just need some TLC, and a tiny makeover.  However this makeover packs quite a punch on the eyes, and I'm totally digging it.

Over the past few months I have been on a mission to find storage solutions that bring in character, texture, and/or color to various parts around the apartment, and along the way I've re-done a few existing pieces such as using washi tape on my media boxes, purchasing office storage from Target's Dollar Spot, and using woven baskets to corral winterwear, and DVD's/video games.  Most of these live in the main room, but there was one storage item in the bedroom that definitely needed some pizzazz. My bedroom is in serious need of a makeover, and more color so I figured the first step would be to experiment with the photo box.

I scored some awesome gift wrap from The Dollar Spot a few weeks ago, and it's definitely graphic with it's black and white herringbone pattern.  And with some pretty periwinkle paint I got to cracking on the makeover.

For the lid I had to do at least 3 coats to get full coverage, but there are some spots that aren't great looking.  I like it though...it's gives it a vintage/distressed look which I'm totally okay with.  Slowly, but surely I'm learning that imperfections are fine since I haven't played around with paint in a very long time.

For the bottom I cut out strips of the wrapping paper, and sprayed the box with spray adhesive to attach the paper.  I cut an extra inch to fold over the top so I could tape it to the inside of the box:

After impatiently waiting for the spray adhesive and the paint to dry here is the final result!!

I really love how the color of the lid plays into the peacock themed shelf above.  It makes it look more streamlined, and cohesive.  I have a soft spot for the cool colors, and this really makes me smile every time I see this. The paper may is one the wild side, but it plays off my teal chevron vase that is on one of the upper shelves.  

It's amazing how paint can really transform something from drab to fab!!  I'm really learning a lot about different paint mediums, and being able to experiment with them.  I can't help but to admire how well the box turned out.  I'm just mostly in love with the periwinkle lid.  If TA wouldn't kill me I would probably paint almost everything in the bedroom in periwinkle so instead I'll just incorporate a few touches of it here, and there until he says otherwise ;)

Have you made over any items that brought them back to life?  What are some of your favorite things you've given a fabulous makeover?


Scrapbook Paper Vase Silhouette Art

Do you ever have one of those DIY projects that was going so well, and then all of the sudden it goes horribly wrong?  This was my first project using spray paint, and Mod Podge, and I'm not gonna lie I was a little intimidated by it all.  It's kinda scary using this stuff for the first time.   One of the first things I did was check out a few of the blogs I follow who use these items, and do plenty of research, product reviews, and even tutorial videos to make sure I was doing everything correctly.  I still didn't know what to expect so I jumped in head first because I was so excited this was my first "real" DIY project.  Go me!

So here's how it all got started.  I had linked up to a party through Carrie This Home, and found this project from Tiny Sidekick.  It's such a simple project (or so I thought at first), and it was a great way for me to incorporate some color into my drab looking living room.  I've had a "dark" picture hanging above my couch for quite some time now that I had been dying to change out.  It was becoming more of an eyesore than a piece of art, and it just had to go.  The frame is cherry/cedar laminate wood, and here is the picture it came with:

It is pretty, but like I said "dark".  The back side is plain white, and you can't see the picture through the paper.  It's not as thick as poster board or card stock so I figured I could use it as the background, and it'd be okay.  This is where I should have done some more research...more on that soon.

A trip to Michael's later I ended up with 5 sheets of scrapbook paper (for a $1!!), some MP, spray paint, and foam brushes.  I couldn't wait to get started on this, and began spray painting the frame with a high-gloss white.

No I did not spray paint this inside.  I know better.  This was taken the day after since it was too cold to leave outside overnight otherwise the paint would have crackled.  Not too shabby for my first time spray painting.  I had to do (and still need to do) a few touch-ups, but I was already pleased with how the frame was coming about.

A few days later I started on the jar silhouettes.  First I googled "jar silhouettes", and there's quite a few to choose from.  However most of them have to be purchased through clip art/stock websites.  Ain't nobody got time for that so I made things a little easier, and harder.  Instead I googled vases.  Easy right?  BUT I don't have a printer so this is where I went old school.  I blew the pic up to size, grabbed some notebook paper, and traced out the stencil.  One of the stencils is from a picture I took of a vase I already own.  Hard, yes I know.

I finally got the stencils traced, and cut out, and repeated the process on the backside of the 3 pieces of scrapbook paper I used.  So far so good...and then it went downhill.

I began with the back of the middle stencil, and slapped on some MP.  It started to curl up so I immediately placed it on the paper where I had the tick marks for it, and my heart sank before my eyes.  It bubbled up.  There were wrinkles.  It was The. Worst.  I grabbed the nearest flat edged object I could find (which was an Old Navy gift card lol), and started to smooth out the wrinkles.  It helped, but not enough to get all of them out.  I was completely devastated.  It was all going so well, and then it blew up in my face.  I didn't know what to do except put everything down, walk away, and mope the rest of the night. Haha.

After some research, friends' advice, and video tutorials I made a trip back to Michael's.  This time it was spray adhesive, and a brayer.  I now know I should have used the adhesive on the back of the paper, and THEN use MP over the paper after it's been placed.  And obviously the brayer for no more wrinkles/bubbles.  So with a new hope I went back, and this time I conquered!!  Here is the finished result hanging on my wall!!

Not too bad for my first use of crafting supplies, right?  I'm pretty proud of myself, and can't wait to do some more crafting!!  I already have a few ideas in mind (insert evil laugh here) which will give me more time to practice!

I'm off to enjoy some free time from work...have a fabulous day!!

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