Getaway Goodies

Hello friends!!! Very long time, no see!! I apologize for the hiatus. It's super difficult to blog when one's laptop is out of commission, and the only way to do anything is strictly from my iPhone (including pics). And I'm not entirely sure if my laptop can be saved...I'm hoping to find out this week. Fingers crossed!!

If you can tell from the title I'm having a girls weekend with a friend in Ohio. This has been a godsend. To be able to getaway, and spend time with a great friend is fantastic. To make it better we're staying next to a HUGE shopping district, and the icing on the cake is one of my most favorite places...

If you're a follower on IG then you already know I had found my happy place. It truly makes me smile when I walk in the door, and see the greatness of all things organized. 

I mean how can you not love this?! It's colorful, neatly arranged, and organized. Pretty sure it's the closest thing to Heaven...maybe.

I spent over an hour in the store wandering aimlessly, and came out doing minor damage. Like less than $25 minor damage...seriously.

(Don't mind the backdrop. Gotta love semi-tacky hotel furniture).

There's been minor organizing projects that I've had on my mind for a while, and when I was told there is a TCS I made my list of items to finish them up. Most are to corral small items like loose nails/screws in my tool set, paper clips/rubber bands, and appliance manuals, take-out menus, and magazines. 

Still debating on doing a follow-up post with my goodies. I can't wait to get home, and use them. Why does organizing seem so therapeutic and exciting? Or is it just me?

Until next time friends, stay prudent!!

**This post was NOT sponsored, nor was I contacted by The Container Store to write this post. I am a HUGE fan of this company, and just really love shopping there.  I like to share with my readers, and wanted to show you all what I got!!


Tidbits of Decor

Happy Saturday my friends! Yes I'm posting on a weekend for once! It's a quiet, rainy day here in Kentucky, and I figured I'd share some small decor updates I've done around the apartment. It's nice to change things up especially now that Spring is so close!! If you already follow me on Instagram you don't have to read this post since I'm basically recapping the last few weeks. For those of you who don't I hope you enjoy!

I have a little vignette above the bed in the master bedroom, and for the longest time there were two pieces. The Libra in me was not happy with the imbalance of it, and I couldn't find a piece to even it out. After some switching around I finally have a balanced vignette! 

I've added some new pieces to spruce up the living room aka the bookshelf  LoL. It never fails that when I shop for decor it ends up being on the bookshelf. I snagged this ceramic white apple, a new candle (which as of today is all burned out), and a lovely blue frame with an inspirational quote. Can never go wrong with additions like these!

Last weekend I made over an office supply caddy with some spray paint and a gold paint pen. Obviously I didn't spray the inside (which is a purple/magenta color), but I really like the overall look of it!
It now lives in top of my craft supply table, and I'm loving the pops of color!

Speaking of pops of color...see that orange Coach box?

It now corrals all of my scrapbook papers, and extra paint chips. It may not be the best organization method, but it's a quick fix. I've been holding on to this box for over a year. It's too pretty to throw away, and wanted to reuse it somehow. Problem solved!

Hope you enjoyed the post, and thanks for stopping by! Have a fantastic weekend, and see you all soon!


Room Revamp: Inspired by Art

Sometimes when my creative juices get flowing I like to play around on decor websites or Polyvore, and put together room or outfit ideas. Today's post is just that. I'm taking a small step away from focusing on my own space to play around with a made-up room. It's like playing dress up as a kid...it's fun to change things up, and being able to rejuvenate yourself!

The inspiration behind this room began with this beautiful blue-ish marble acrylic painting by Keith Pawlak found on Invaluable.com. It's an auction/estate sale website where you can bid on items like jewelry, home decor, art, and so much more. They have tons, and I mean tons of paintings to choose from, and new items are added daily. I'm more drawn to abstract/watercolor art, and this piece is just too gorgeous to turn away from.

With any room I try to pull colors from the artwork to build upon the color palette. I envisioned a lighter sofa color, and found this beauty. Keeps the room fresh, and airy which is needed since the art work is obviously the main focal point. (Target)

For some added pop of color, but staying within the blue color palette these lovely decorative pillows add some texture. I mean you can't help but to just curl up on them. (West Elm)

I'm a sucker for white marble, and immediately had to incorporate it within this room. This coffee table is too perfect to pass up, and definitely ties in with the painting. (West Elm)

For another texture element this rug almost matches perfectly against the marbles art. It really gives off the illusion that the art piece is continued throughout the space. (Joss & Main. Sorry for the bad screenshot!)

To break up the straight lines in the room these curved glass side tables really bring some  fun and funk to the room. They're kinda modern, but retro in one. (Target)

I really hope you like my "dress up" room!  Now that's it's college basketball season of course I had to use one of my favorite colors (Univ. of KY Blue) ;). All kidding aside this piece of art is amazing, and it combines some of my favorite colors with marble. Seriously how much better can it get? I may just have to bid on this!

Have a fabulous weekend, and stay prudent my friends!

*Affliate links used. Invaluable.com asked me to participate in a Room Inspired by Art project, and all opinions are my own.