I ♥ This!

So I know this post is going to be a little biased b/c I'm featuring a handbag from my work, but I'm totally head over heels in love w/ it! If some of you might have noticed on your latest shopping trips a lot of stores are switching over to their fall collections which baffles me to an extent. With the crazy hot temps that have covered the country lately who in the world would consider buying fall/winter clothes right now? However, I also see it from the company's side. Everything in the fashion world moves more quickly that everyone else so in order to get their product out in time, they have to distribute it early.

Okay enough w/ the business babbling, I present to you this lovely handbag!

The Antique Accent Satchel is a great handbag for days that you need to have your extra items on hand in an instant. Durable handles, front flap pockets, and extra compartments on the inside make this a perfect travel bag. The light blue/green is my fave out of the four available colors with the brown coming in a close second. I only have one colored handbag, and I must say this one is too good to pass up. However, my only problem is price...it runs around $40. Being Prudent Ally I'm not going to buy this now. I will wait until the price has been marked down at least 30%. But for now I will only ogle it from afar :).

Do you have a favorite handbag? Are you loyal to one brand or have a variety? Post some pics or leave comments! Happy Shopping!

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