Show Me Your Feathers

One of my favorite trends in fashion is peacock-inspired items, and I'm somewhat sad that it's not happening this season. The peacock is one of the most beautiful birds on this Earth, and I'm absolutely head-over-heels for anything Peacock. The colors are so vibrant on their feathers, and when represented in clothing or accessories it makes any outfit go from blah to glam in a second. I always get a whimsical, hippie feeling from peacock accessories, and just feel this free-flowing emotion come over me. I hope you enjoy my finds, and share any that you have found or own! Happy Shopping!!

bracelet and necklace found on

This was taken right after TA (my fiance) and I moved in to our current place. We had to call the wildlife protection agency to get him out of the tree. I have no idea how he got up there, but he did, and thanks to him I got this lovely shot!

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