Give Me Back My Color!!

Hey loves!

Today's post is going to be more of me writing than posting pics, and I would love to have your opinions on what today's topic is: uniforms/dress code for the work place.

Out of the few jobs I've had, two have required me to wear a uniform (khaki pants, company top, certain shoes, etc), but thankfully my current job has let us be unique as long as its business casual. We are not pressured to wear the clothes we sell, but it is highly recommended hence our (I think) fair employee discount. As of recently, our dress code will change to all black and/or black & white only. A few employees took the bus. cas. to the lax and now unfortunately our new dress code entails of black bottoms and shoes ONLY, and a SOLID black or white top. No shoulders exposed so a cardigan must be worn if wear a sleeveless top, no flip-flops (duh), and NO COLOR in jewelry (silver or gold only)! Needless to say this has not gone well w/ my fellow co-workers and me.

Black bottoms-check
Black and white solid tops-not so much
Black shoes-working on it
Guess this means I'm doing some short-notice shopping. (I acquired a new black top and added a pair of crops which I've posted below).

Skimming through one of my fave fashion books "Style A to Zoe"

Still trying to get comfortable w/ self-shots lol

Love my retro bar stools :)

Top, slim zipper crops, and sandals all from New York & Company

My question is for you is do you agree w/ dress codes for the workplace? I'm playing the fence on this one. On one hand it shows the customer who the employees are in a store, and easier to access them plus it gives the employees a more polished, professional look (as long as it's done the right way). On the other side, it doesn't allow the employee to be unique w/ their own style. I wouldn't have a problem w/ it as long as we were able to wear jewelry w/ color. Let me know what you think. Do you have any suggestions or pics of your dress code for work? How do you make it your own look? I'm really curious to find out how fellow workers express their style p.o.v. at the workplace. Happy Shopping!

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