So Cozy & Warm

Regardless of the fact that its been Amazon-hot for the last few weeks here in NC doesn't mean I'm I haven't already started thinking about what I want to add in my my fall wardrobe.  One of my absolute fave items (and a growing trend for this or any season for that matter) is a chunky knit sweater.  Enveloping yourself in one of these will almost give you the same feeling as being home on a cold, rainy day wrapped up in blankets doing nothing. The only knit sweater I have came from American Eagle a few years ago, and I LOVE it!!  With its' neutral color, and features I live it in almost.

Love the detail on the sleeves

Front-side pattern

Puppy was giving me a weird look so I gave one back

Puppy wanted to give her Mommy a kiss during the pic :)

I admit it's not always fashionable to sport around a hoodie, but this is a great alternative regardless of what day it is, and the events that occur.  Whether it's in the form of a cardigan, a sweater, wrap, etc. knit is the best option to stay warm and stylish on those brisk, winter days. It's a great layering piece also for those days that aren't warm enough for a tee, but not cold enough to all bundled up.  Some stores have already introduced previews of their fall lines, and I'm so excited to what will be available.

Eddie Bauer Mockneck Cardigan

When shopping I would pay no more than $40 for a sweater...this may sound a little high for some of you, but as my mantra goes "Don't think of it as blowing your money...think of it as an investment".  Sometimes the more you do pay, the better the quality, and this item falls into that category.  Try to wait and see if it'll be marked down, but if you need it right away you have my approval to buy.  Go for bold colors rather than neutrals to spice up your outfit (unless you prefer neutrals), and check the fabric for any snags or holes. You may want to go up a size if it's 100% cotton or do NOT put it in the dryer to prevent shrinkage.  And have more than one for more options.

American Eagle sweater on eBay

Have a fabulous week, and honestly start thinking what needs to be added or updated for your fall wardrobe.  Just think it'll be Fall before you know it! :) :) :)

Happy Shopping!

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