Take My Picture

With a little over two months until my birthday I've already started compiling a wishlist.  If you've noticed in my other posts the picture quality isn't all that great, and I know I need a major upgrade to my current digi cam which happens to be a Kodak.  Don't get me wrong that camera has captured some GREAT shots, but as time goes on so does the quality.  I always feel guilty of getting rid of items like these, however it is time for a new one.  This Nikon around $180 at Best Buy, and has some awesome qualities including 12 megapixel lens, and a rechargeable battery.  Yay for not buying (as many) batteries anymore!!  Yes, the price is a little steep for my liking, but it's going to be my birthday gift so it doesn't count for me right? ;)  I've wanted a good camera, and have been referred to Nikon by everyone so I trust that it will be very reliable.

So farewell old Kodak...you've definitely made me proud over the years :)

One of my absolute fave pics...Reunion Tower in Dallas

My "daughter" right after we adopted her

The tree in our front yard during one of our snowstorms

Bachelorette party!

Hope you guys have a great weekend, and post some of your favorite pics on here!  I'd love to see some of the great shots you've captured!  Happy Shopping!!

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