First Ink?

If you've paid any attention you would know that I LOVE anything concerning peacocks, and I found this rad tat that I'm thinking of as my first ink job.  The feather probably won't be as big or long, and most likely be on my right shoulder blade than right on the spine...OUCH!  Plus to add some Ally-flare I want to incorporate some pinks and purple into somehow.  I may have to sketch this one out, and play around with it until I get it the way I exactly want it b/c this is a FOREVER thing for screw-ups!  Peacocks are such a beautiful, exotic birds, and I love the vibrant colors....maybe my former self was a peacock?!?! ;)

I apologize for this being so short, and me not posting a lot as of late.  Things in my personal life have become a little hectic, and I don't want my bad mood vibes to show through if I write.  I like writing when I'm in good mood so hopefully it can put you in a good mood too! :)  I promise to get some more posts in this week, and just's FALL!!! :) :) :)  Happy Shopping!!

P.S. If you have any tats please show them off...I'd love to see them!!

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