Hats Off (Or On Rather)

ASOS Knitted Turban-$20

As a devout Rachel Zoe fan I receive her daily The Zoe Report e-letter, and I'm so glad I wasn't the only fan who asked about her chic turban-style hat on last week's episode.  Unfortunately for us the designer is a mystery, but she saved the day by finding some great (and budget-friendly) substitutes.

I've never seen this style of a hat before which what I like most.  It's great for the days that our hair gets unruly or we're on the run which is something I can most definitely relate to.  Plus our parents always said "Put a hat on" when it gets cold outside...another reason to have it!  Something about a girl wearing a stylish hat makes for a great look, and a boost of confidence because we know we look good wearing it.  I'm also in love with this hat as well, but I think for now I'll stick with my gypsy-vibed hat.

If you haven't noticed read my previous post on the new look!  Happy Shopping!

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