On the Hunt

Now that I'm back in Lexington, and not in school I can finally explore this city, and it's fashion contributions. Even though Lex isn't known for fashion one day I hope to change that ;).  One of my main goals is to network with local boutique owners, and create a fashion networking group as a start to bring more attention of fashion here in Kentucky.  Another goal is to do product reviews of local boutiques (just like I did w/ The Unique Closet) to spread the word not only about PSBA, but to generate traffic for them as well.  I've never been the ambitious type before, but now that I'm starting a new chapter in my life it's time to make changes.

The picture above are the the top 5 boutiques I found in Lexington (that aren't bridal...apparently if you type in "boutiques" on Google Maps you get bridal boutiques mixed in the results).  And the nice thing is they're not far away, and near campus so I know exactly where they are :).  The results feature:

Helen's Boutique
Black Market
Balagula Limited Le Boutique

I think I'm most excited about Mod only b/c their website is totally visually appealing, and has this great chic, swanky vibe that is oh-so-intriguing.  If you're in the area (or even not) definitely check them out and/or the website...I'm dying to get down there ASAP!  I'm so excited to get back into the swing of things, and have new fashionable adventures once again!  

What are some of your favorite boutiques/shops?  Have a good week, and Happy Shopping!

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