Sequins for the New Year

 Black Cardigan-NY&Co.; Drop; Blue Sequin Tank, Tights, and Tweed; Calvin Klein

As I've multi-tasked with creating the collage and writing this post all while trying to figure out the 2nd movie of Harry Potter (I've never seen any of them or read the books...I know pathetic, but I digress...) I'm getting more ecstatic that the holidays are very near indeed!  I'm looking forward to spending time with family, and getting a small break from work when it's nearly impossible working in the retail world this time of year.

I've been making tentative plans for New Years so now I'm scrambling my brain on the "look" I'm going for.  Obviously sequins and sparkle are a must hence the tank and earrings, but what really puts a twist on this look are the tweed shorts.  Tweed is one of my favorite textures in fashion, and wearing shorts in the middle of winter seems crazy, but in fashion everything is crazy with no rules applied.  Plus the tights will provide SOME warmth...maybe seamless leggings might have to replace, but we'll see.

And as for lack of posts...I know, I know I keep saying I'd have all these posts up, and I will.  My only problem is I have no way of transferring pictures from my new (broken) camera to the computer a.k.a. no memory card or cord.  But no fear!  I have asked for a pretty, little, NEW camera for Christmas, and I'm pretty sure I'm getting it ;).

Have a fabulous rest of the week, and Happy Shopping!  Only 9 days until Black Friday...eek!!

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