December Birthday

Tunic & Skinny Jeans-NY&Co., Shoes-Jessica Simpson (gifted), Crystal necklace-vintage

Hello Prudies!  Last night was my fabulous roommate/best friend's birthday last night, and I just had to feature my outfit for the evening.  I bought the tunic to originally wear on New Year's Eve, but now that plans might have changed I decided to break it out early for this lovely occasion. 

 It's so lightweight and airy with the slightest touch of sparkle threading that it's glam, and still a little casual to get away with.  However b/c it is lightweight I froze most of the night in the probably didn't help that we sat right underneath a vent which seemed to blow out stale, cold air rather than heat. 

Let me just say walking in these on ice is not fun...but I still looked good!

These are the socks I received for Christmas from my Step-Mom.  I love the diamond pattern!

The birthday girl and I...we're so hott!  I don't know why we're cheesing so much lol!

It's always nice to be around family and friends especially on your birthday.  No gift is better than spending good ol' quality time w/ the ones you loved, and I would say April got what she wanted this year.  She's been a savior to me these past few weeks while I'm still reeling from the breakup, and move.  I really can't say enough how I truly appreciate the friendship we have, and I love her like she was my blood sister.  In closing, don't take your friends for granted...they truly are life's blessings in disguise.

Happy New Year (almost), and Happy Shopping!

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