I Was a Good Girl This Year

Hello my fabulous readers!!  I hope you've all had a great Christmas!   It's always nice to spend time w/ family, and this is the first year since high school that I've been able to be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  So in conclusion it was nice to be home for the holidays.  I thought I'd share w/ you what I received...I'm pretty pleased, and appreciative of all the gifts I've received.

The Beatles White Album, and "A Hard Day's Night" movie from my roommate and her husband!

Scarf, tank, and long sleeve tee (Old Navy) from my Step-Brother, and his wife

I love the colored sequins!!  So pretty!!

"Balance" bracelet from my grandmother

 Does this jacket look familiar??  Check out one of my earlier posts to see ;)
Courtesy of my Dad and Step-Mom

Necklace from my Step-Mom...she has good taste!!

Needless to say I loved all of the gifts, and couldn't wait to share w/ you all!  I hope you all received what you wanted, and I'd love to see what you did get!  I did manage to get a few "gifts" for myself out of my parents vinyl collection.  I'm pretty proud of my finds, but I will admit there wasn't a lot of stuff I didn't like or know about.  What do you think of my mini-collection?

Eagles-The Long Run
Michael Jackson-Off the Wall
The Beatles- Second Album
Bye Bye Birdie Soundtrack

Bee Gees-Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Otis Redding- Jimi Hendrix Experience
Halftime-College Marching Bands
Back to the Future Soundtrack

Yeah call me a dork, but I think it's a good start to say the least.  Oh, and now that I finally have a new camera I'll be posting more often!  I can't wait to start back w/ outfit posts...I miss doing them so much!  I have some ideas in mind plus featuring the boutiques here in Lexington.  Have a good week, and make it a memorable one...it's the last week of 2010!!  Happy Shopping!

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