Birkin Wannabe

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Spring Tote from NY&Co.

Here's a sneak peek of a new handbag that arrived at my store a few weeks ago for the upcoming Spring season.  Immediately I knew I had to HAVE this bag in my accessories wardrobe.  With the iconic Birkin shape,"leather" accents, and the lock feature who wouldn't want this bag even if it's not from Hermes?  Along with these features, the cream/brown color palette is what really caught my eye.  I do not own a cream bag (shock!) out of fear of getting dirty too quick, but it jumped out at me as if it has my name written all over it. Plus it helps that it doesn't have the price tag of gazillions of dollars that most Birkins hold....this lovely handbag is only $40.  Pretty manageable in my book ;)

Now that it's a new year, and spring is upon us in a few months I'm already thinking of items to update my look in all areas, and this is a perfect fit to bring in the new year, and me!  Clean, sophisticated, and classic....yes please!

How was your New Years? Did you party hard, or keep it low-key?  Let's hope that 2011 is just as, if not more fabulous than 2010!  Happy Shopping!

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