Boho Paisley

Dress-borrowed; Cardigan and Necklace/Belt-NY&Co., Necklace-gifted

Sometimes it pays to live with a best friend.  You never know what's hiding in their closet, and you can transform the pieces to make a impromptu look.  This was the case last night when my roomie, April, started packing up her closet since we're moving (again) next weekend.  She pulled out this black/grey/cream paisley skirt, and the wheels in my head started churning.  After throwing on my trusty cardigan, and snatched her loop necklace it took less than 5 minutes to put this look together, and voila!  I think she was amazed, or maybe I'm just vain.

Very rarely will ever wear my hair curly when it's short, but today I decided to go outside my comfort zone.  This is what my hair does with just washing and conditioning, and sleeping with it wet.  It seriously has a mind of its' own I swear.  I'll rock the bedhead look occasionally to add a little more personality to my look, or if I'm rushing out the door.  But do you like the short curls?  I'm getting used to it, but I still prefer to wear the curls when it's longer...ugh the joys of being an indecisive Libra.

Sorry for the lack of full-body shots.  It's hard to take the pictures with no tripod, and the fact that my memory card just died.  But at least you get the general idea of what the outfit is.  Any suggestions on how to improve my photography skills (or lack thereof)?  

Happy Thursday my Prudies!!

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