Simply Vintage

Some of my most treasured possessions are absolutely divine, and felt the need to share them with you.  All of them have been handed down to me by grandmother, and even though they're not luxe vintage they're vintage nonetheless, and beautiful.

The cerulean color, and flower motif is lovely along with the engraved gold edge and handle...this was the most awesome present a (fashionable) 12 year old could receive.

I have no idea if the stones are real (I highly doubt it) or what fragrance it held inside.  I won't use it to hold perfume, but instead it's showcased in my room to be "oohed and ahhed" over.

After cleaning stuff out from my mini-vacation last week at the parentals I rediscovered this convertible purse/clutch, and had to bring this back with me.  It fills two holes in my accessories wardrobe--1) it's camel which I don't own a thing in, and 2) it's an actual clutch which I also don't own...until now.  There's no "label" which I'm fine with actually, but isn't the color amazing?!?!

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Happy Shopping!

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