Casual Interivew

Cardigan & Necklace-NYCO, Jeans-Target, Shirt-Borrowed

Even though it wasn't the warmest or sunniest day I took the nice weather opportunity to break out my trusty grey cardigan that has been holed up in my closet all winter.  Plus I wanted to dress up and down my outfit for my interview with Plato's Closet :).  And I also knew this would be a great outfit to post since I had it planned for two days...and it was fabulous!!

Does this look familiar?  You've seen it here.

After my interview I took advantage of the free time, and stopped in at one of the local boutiques.  This place shall remain nameless (it's on my list that I posted about when first moving back), and let me just say the experience was eye-opening.  More so in the  fact that I knew this place carried designer brands, but actually seeing for myself the prices...yeah not so prudent...I won't be going back I believe.  But there were some cute stuff, but not worthy enough of my hard-earned!

After my fashion let-down I cheered myself up w/ a small drink from Starbucks, and reading up on the local magazine, skirt!.  It was nice to just sit outside, and think without distractions.  I really wish I had taken some pictures of the's surrounded by Victorian-style houses that are over 100 years old, and off UK's campus.  One of the many reasons I love Lexington= old and traditional meets modern and sophistication...ahh it's fantastic.

I'm sorry for the lack of pictures, but my time on my computer is limited only because our bandwidth of internet is low here at my new place, and due to the fan in my laptop not working.  I'm going to do my best to continue to post when I can.  Have a fantastic rest of the weekend, and Happy Thursday!

Update:  I've added in more pictures using a friend's lappy so this might be my only way (for now) of posting more pics.  Sorry for the delay!!

What do you wear to interviews?  And do you tailor them to where/who you are interviewing?

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