Say It! With StyleSays

Now that PSBA is back up, and running (well jogging more like it) I have had so much fun using the new online shopping tool, StyleSays.  Basically it's like Pinterest where you "pin", or in this case "Say It!" items that you like from any online store, and save to collections that you put together. And your collections/clicks help build recommendations from other online retailers that you can subscribe to. Say you're a subscriber of Forever 21..other prospects would be UrbanOutfitters or ModCloth.  It's a great way to search, and discover new stores, and build your style. It's a fashion adventure!!

So far I only have a few collections started, but the one I'm featuring today is the one I've been working on.  Mostly it's a shopping/inspiration list of items to take when I hit up the beach again later this summer.  It's nice to get a visual idea to share my updated wardrobe, and obviously outfit pics will be featured from the trip.  I'm so in love that I now have an easier way to share items that I drool over, or own in my closet with you all, and connect with other fashionistas as well! If you're on StyleSays, subscribe to me so we can share ideas, and collections!  I'm anxious to get a glimpse of what you look for in style, and now we have a better way to share!  So start to "Say It!" with StyleSays.

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