I'm Seeing Red (and Gold)

Top-DebShops, Jeans-New York & Company, Gold Jewelry-JCP, Hearts Necklace-LB

As a fashion goal of mine for 2012 I've been incorporating more color into my wardrobe, especially warm tones. Working in a place with a black-and-white-only dress for two years really hurt my color buying options, but now that I can wear whatever I can get back to wearing the colors of the rainbow again (not all at once, obvi).  My closet is still lacking in variety due to me being so darn picky so making compromises with myself hasn't been easy I won't lie.  However I can't have just black, and white so yes, it has been fun shopping for colorful items!!

(Jewelry from JCP)

Another fashion goal of mine?-Wearing more gold jewelry.  I used to snub anything that was gold, but after finding a few pieces in old jewelry box a few years ago (check out this post to see) I had a change of heart, and boy am I glad.  I'm a sucker for skeleton keys, and this necklace was perfect in my accessories collection.  And with Spring, and Summer around the corner I can definitely get more use out of my new found pieces.  I think I've made some progress so far with finding my "inner-girl", and making some small changes to my style.  So far I'm happy, and can't wait to discover more!!

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