Who Wears Short Shorts?

Mudd Denim Shortie Shorts @ Kohl's

Unionbay Khaki Shorts @ Kohl's

On a whim last Sunday, LB and I decided to get out of the house since it was gorgeous out only to do a little home decor shopping.  Both of our pads need some sprucing up (especially mine since it still feels a little bare), but the first two stores were a bust on finding anything.  As soon as we walked into Kohl's my mind immediately switched from home decor to summer clothes.  I'm in dire need of shorts, but with the "shorties"  and rolled-up/frayed trend making a comeback I knew I had a challenge since I'm not a fan of both.  I hate showing off my legs which is more of being self-conscious because my legs are so short as it is...a staggering 5'2" I am.  I tried both of these on, and he definitely approved of them all around (and assured me how good my legs look, and that the shorts weren't too short).  I'm still getting used to the shorter length, but I'll appreciate it later when it's a million degrees outside in the summer.

So my summer clothing shopping has officially started.  I definitely need bermuda's for work.  I have my eye on a few pairs since the shorties won't pass.  More sandals, and tees/tanks for sure.  I may just have to put home decor shopping on hold until I complete my list. This could take awhile...

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