Life Was A Beach

My vacation 2 weeks ago in Panama City was a much needed break from my hectic work life.  And as lame as it is this is the only shot I really have of me that could be considered for an outfit post.  The whole week I lived in either a tee and shorts, or my bathing suit.  And the days I actually "got dressed" I totally forgot to get pics snapped which I'm completely bummed about.  I had some cute outfits on, and was damn proud of them!  I'm not going to overload this post with jealousy from my pics, but I wanted to include some of my faves I will most definitely cherish.  Enjoy!!

Beautiful sunset from our balcony

Why can't my living room look like this??

Did the tourist-y thing, and got a henna tattoo.  I like it so much that it'll probably be permanent soon

Glass Jellyfish Lights...I want!!

My girlies Brit & Shelby

Okay you wipe the drool off your face, and keyboard now.  If you follow my personal account on Facebook, I've got the entire PCB 2012 album on there.  Hope you liked my pics, and trust me I can't wait to go back next year!!

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