Coach ColorTag Project

So you know back in 2010 the super popular Poppy Project that was started by Coach?  Well they're at it again with a new social connection project called ColorTag.  This time it's to celebrate their new Legacy Collection which is basically a blast from the past bringing back colors, and other archived items which I'm all about anyways.  Coach + vintage = Happy Ally!

So as a way to spread the word (and hopefully connect with more people!) this is my fabulous swatch!  And if you're a blogger you can join in too!  Just click on any color swatch, enter your blog info to get a code, set up a post (like moi), and voila!!  And to get more involved click on the swatch to connect with others to spread the word!

Plus Coach is giving away giftcards to those who get the most traffic, and readers have a chance to win as well!  Who doesn't love giftcards??  To Coach especially??  

So get out there, and click away on the fabulous colors of Coach!!

(Disclaimer:  Coach contacted me about doing this [for free, and no compensation], and because I am a loyal Coach customer I opted to do this on my own w/o any obligation).

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