Summer Essential: Chambray

One of this summer's biggest trends are Chambray shirts. Light, airy, adorably cute, and an all-around go-to piece. I've seen girls everywhere rock them out with colorful shorts, and bangles galore, and it made me kinda jealous. As soon as I got a sneak peek of it at work before it's debut I knew that a) I had to have it, and b) it would be a hot seller. To my dismay I waited too long and it sold out within days. Completely devastated to say the least.

Now fast forward a few weeks, and here it is sitting in my closet!! I couldn't take the chance of it getting away from me again when more arrived in shipment so ta da!!

Still haven't decided what bottoms to pair it up with. I snagged a pair of dark grey American Eagle shorts from Plato's Closet this week as well so I did a photo test run. Yay or nay?

And accessories? Already have that taken care of. For all my peeps that follow me on Instagram (allyst18) or Twitter I posted my newest arm candy and they're perfect!!

Good week for some shopping, and I'm done for now!! Stay fabulous my friends!!

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