DIY Projects of the Day

Having two days off in a row, and a move looming in the coming months makes my mind swirl with ideas of how to organize, and keep boredom at bay. Everyday I sit and stare at my cluttered, dull-looking bookcase and its driving me crazy!!! Unfortunately I can't do much with the clutter because not all of the contents are mine i.e. my roommates' massive DVD collection that takes up one shelf alone. 

However I decided to downsize my book collection by selling back old textbooks, and others that I have no use for other than for "looks". Sadly I'm not a big reader, and honestly I hate having stuff that I have no need for. I am now content withy very small library. But one thing was still irking big binders of notes, and portfolio. So the creative wheels kept turning. 

I wanted to bring some color to the binders to set them apart, and remembered I had a few paint chips left over from my art project I did earlier in the year. I cut them to size and taped them together for an ombré effect (for the smaller binder), and very patiently slid it into the spine. The chips had holes in the bottom of each color so that's why the top card is shaped funny. For the big binder I didn't tape the cards since I struggled thanks to a horizontal cut in the spine. But I'm pleased with the overall look. I may change up later, but this works.

I had seen a pin from The Next Bird who hole punched and used binder clips to organize, and make a scrap-like book of all the mementos from the year, and thought this was a really neat idea. I have an old keepsake box I keep cards and the like in, and wanted to keep the cards together so off to Target I went for clips. A pack of 8 (different sizes) was $2!!! Now this is a great project, but if you don't have a three-hole punch (like me) your hands will hurt after all the hole punching. Some of the cards were really thick, and now my hand is sore. But I love the look of this, and I plan on adding more later on. Organization and crafting makes me a happy gal. :)

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