Deck the Halls

I'm gonna start off on a slight rant with this post so bear with me real quick.  Why on Earth are there Christmas decorations up in stores, and Christmas music being played on the radio already?!?!  What happened with having a break between Halloween, and Thanksgiving? I don't know about you all, but I feel a bit suffocated especially since I work in retail.  Don't get me wrong I enjoy all of the things that come with Christmas, but not as soon as like yesterday. Sheesh!! Okay rant done.

Well thanks to all of the Christmas stuff being EVERYWHERE now I'm already scouring my Pinterest for some decor inspiration.  And no I'm not following suite by replacing all of my Fall decor for snowmen, and red/green color schemes just yet.  Like I said I need that break between Halloween and Thanksgiving, and I like leaving my pretty fall things up.  Normally my Christmas decor is put up around the beginning of December (like it should be) lol.

So far I'm choosing DIY, budge-friendly options because a) it's easy on the wallet (duh!), b) if done correctly it looks awesome, and c) I can use stuff I already have on hand.  Of course I'll be putting up my Ornament wreath I made last year.  I'm still in love with it, and it's taking everything in me to not put it up now.  It's just so dang pretty!!

This subway art from Jen's Favorite Cookies is too cute to pass up.  I really like the color scheme in it that it's not screaming red and green.  It's fun, yet subtle, and it's just perfect for those who want a more versatile/modern touch to Christmas:

This centerpiece is so easy-peasy that I literally want to facepalm myself!  Seriously grab a glass jar, throw in some pine cones, ornaments, and berries (or even bows), and you have a fabulous-looking decor piece.  I'm on the hunt for a glass jar to do this for my table (or I may just reuse something I already have if I can't find anything).

Now of course I already own some Christmas decor, and it consists of  many sentimental items, and of just a few mostly ceramic snowmen.  Snowman was a nickname given to me by TB's mom, and apparently I needed to acquire snowmen figurines to uphold my image.  My plan for this year though is to be a little more modern, yet classic, and especially throw in some DIY while I'm at it!  

(Almost) 'Tis the Season!!  Are you ready??

UPDATE:  I pulled out the wreath the other day to make sure none of the bulbs had popped off.  Luckily none did, but being the OCD-tendency person I am I managed to pop off the bulbs, and rearrange them without having to undo the hanger and restringing them.  I'm pleased with the end result, but that doesn't mean I may or may not add more bulbs and/or ribbon at some point.  We'll see ;)

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