Project Planner

Now that I've taken more of an interest to improving the functionality, and aesthetics of my living space I've been having a hard time keeping all of my ideas and lists in one spot.  Some of these lists are on my phone, others are written down (and then I lose the paper, and essentially the idea/item), or I have to keep referring to my Pinterest as to what I'm searching for. And this makes me very anxious/nervous especially while I'm in the store because then the brain farts occur, and my "ideas" become jumbled.  Frustration ensues which leads me to walking out of the store miserable, and defeated.  It happened two weeks ago when I shopped for supplies for my table centerpiece.   Thankfully my second attempt at shopping was a success!!

Shocker!!!  Me out of all people having difficulty with organizing ideas to help make my life easier... *insert facepalm here.

 I've been meaning to post about this project for a while, but with more crafting ideas coming to mind I figured I'd share it with you before I forget like usual haha!!  One of my fave bloggers, Carmel, posted about her home design book, and this is where my planner idea jump started.  Now mine is nowhere near as cool or pretty as her's so please don't laugh too hard at mine.

I love the Beatles, and there is no denying that.  I had this old journal, and have finally found its' purpose.

I've these old tabs FOREVER (since my UK days...yeah THAT long).  The nice thing about these is they peel off easily without damaging the paper, and can be re-positioned. Hence why you can see the labels better in this pic than in the one above.

It looks like one of them is pointing to the bathroom lol.

I'm keeping an adequate amount of pages between each section since ideas and lists can change, and the fact that we plan to move soon.  Obviously what I want to accomplish in the apartment may not be the same once we have our new place.  You'd think I'd use a pencil since this could all change, but I really don't like writing in pencil.  

Notice how short this list is...not for long!!!

So there you have it!!  It's still a little bare-bones in meaning I want to add pockets for coupons, pictures, paint chips, etc.  I'm also debating about if I want to incorporate a schedule/idea list for the blog posts.  Whatever the outcome may be I'm certain this planner will definitely be a life-saver the next time I'm doing a project, or I find that I-have-to-have-it-now item.

Do any of you all keep a design book/project planner?  Does it come in handy?  What do you include in it??

P.S.  If I don't post any more the rest of this week it's obviously because of Thanksgiving, and the dreaded Black Friday that I'll be working.  On that note, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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