Making a List

Holy cow can you believe that Christmas is 2 weeks away?!?!  Where has the time gone seriously??  I still have quite a bit of Christmas shopping to do, and every year I always tell myself that I'll be finished by November. *facepalm

As I get older I notice the things I ask for Christmas are ones that either functional, or are items that won't necessarily be used on an everyday basis, but still good to have.  Example: last year I received dress socks, and jumper cables.  I was so excited about these just the same when I was 4, and Santa brought me a Barbie Dream House.  Granted I received more awesome stuff, but the two aforementioned items were on the top. Growing up indeed.

This year I've taken the same approach, but ogling over more organizational stuff.  Go figure right?  I'm asking for dress socks again (you'd be amazed how quickly I go through them or they get lost).  However, my list is mostly of items from The Container Store.  (No they've not paid me for saying any of this, I just love this place THAT much).

Obviously a screenshot from one of my boards.  I had entered their sweepstakes to have a chance to win what was on this board, but behold I did not.  Maybe Santa got the drift instead? ;)

Here's a few other items that stalking as well.  That dustpan is genius!!

Dustpan from Target

Not only can you clean off the nasty hairballs that accumulate on the bristles, but you can step on the handle to help stabilize the dustpan from moving around!  Where has this been all of my life?

4-Sort Divider/ The Container Store

Before putting this on here I should've measured first to see if this would fit in the cabinet where I keep my baking sheets.  The one thing I don't like about my bottom cabinets is there's a shelf built in.  It does offer more storage space, but it really hinders being able to store items like this.  Plus there's a pull-out drawer in both which makes it worse because then the sheets or lids get caught on the bottom of the drawer. Hopefully the next place we move to won't have this issue.

I'll say it again...I am such a grown up now!!  Kinda proud of myself in a way.  Plain, and simple I want things that will make my (and TA's hopefully) life easier, and more functional. 

 I've never been the type to ask for extravagant, or hard-to-find items.  I'm a simple person with simple taste.  Not greedy, or hard to please. My parents taught me to appreciate what you have because it could be gone in a second. I know what it's like to live with next to nothing, and not having name-brand things, or the latest tech device.   I realize there are others out there who have a much harder struggle, and aren't able to have a Christmas at all.  I'm sooo grateful for what I have, and appreciate everything that God has blessed me with.  I may not have the flashiest of things, and that's okay with me!

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