Touches of Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is officially time to decorate for Christmas!!  It's a cold, snowy day here in Kentucky which is perfect to get a little decorating done around the abode.  I have been waiting for this day for months now!!

Awhile back I had cleaned out some of Christmas decor, and surprisingly found that I really don't own very much.  This makes me sad.  I may have a small apartment, but I have ONE tote that holds all of my decor (including Halloween stuff too).  This my friends does not sit well with me.  It must change immediately!! I forsee a trip to Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, and countless other places in the near future.  For now I'll display what I have.  Please don't laugh too hard.

For the book shelf I had to change up the image in my silver frame.  I used an old gift bag, and cut off the handles and trimmed it down enough to fit inside.  It has kind of a subway art feel to it, and I'm just giddy about it.

I then added a few of bauble twigs I had leftover from my table centerpiece to my vase of pine cones. This really ties in to the "wintry" effect I was going for.  I'm even considering leaving this up until at least Spring.  I just love the glittery yet natural look it gives off.  

You couldn't see it from the overall picture, but I stuck some old Dollar Tree ornaments in my unused Yankee Candle jar.  I'm not too crazy about this being on the book shelf only because I wanted a more white, airy, light feeling as a theme.  For now though it shall live here.  I need to rearrange the last 3 shelves since they look so "dark".  I've been on the hunt for new media storage boxes, and file folders. *wink wink Christmas gift idea? Ha!

I was able to conceal the DVD collection with a lovely winter scene gift big.  It was just big, and tall enough to fit on the shelf.  When I pulled it out of the storage tote I literally blurted out loud "This is too pretty to use!!"  So sorry to whoever will be getting a present in a gift bag that is not in this one! Lol!!

Now I really want to go ice skating!!

My stockings are hung with care, but not by a fireplace unfortunately.  There's a bar window by the kitchen/dining table area so this serves as my "mantel".  I'm debating about buying some garland to spruce it up a bit.  It just looks so bare :-/

We finally have our tree, but it is no where close to be deemed "post-worthy".  We have to make a second trip to grab more lights, and ornaments, but as soon as it's decked out I'll have it up on here!

UPDATE:  Our Christmas tree is up, and it's perfect!!  Or at least perfect to us!!  TA can't stop saying how well I did with it, and that it's his favorite he's ever had.  :) :) :)
Sorry for the poor quality!!  This picture does not do it justice at all!!  We went with some LED fat bulb lights (like the ones from the 80's that get REALLY hot except these don't!), and blue and silver ornaments.  It's our "first" tree we've had in 3 years, and it really makes us both happy for a lot of reasons.

Were any of you affected by the snow/ice storm?  Have you put up decorations yet?  Are you finished?  I hope everyone stays safe, and warm this weekend!  

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