Monogram Wall Art

Hey peeps!!  Hope your week hasn't been too shabby! Luckily I've had the day off, and have been busy cleaning this place up for our upcoming Super Bowl party!  And maybe because I haven't vacuumed in two weeks...I know, awful. ;)

I don't know about you, but I'm FINALLY starting to jump on the monogram bandwagon.  Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING seems to be monogrammed now.  Bags, scarves, shirts, all has a monogram on it.  Granted I know what my initials are, and I don't need it plastered all over to be reminded.  However, it is classy if done the correct way.  I think today's project is just that. (And it was super easy...kinda).

Another reason do this project is that it's very meaningful.  TA and I have been back together for almost a year, and wanted something to represent it. We may not be legally married, but we sure do act like an old married couple.  Funny enough these are his exact initials, but obviously the A stand for me :)

(Sorry for the glare.  I'm asking for a DSLR as an EARLY birthday gift.  The point-and-shoot I have isn't working for me anymore).

The end of my hallway is bare, and screamed for a pop of color.  I stumbled across this project from A Thoughtful Place, and Honey We're Home, and fell in love.  It's simple, and knew immediately this would be perfect for the hallway.  So off to the Dollar Tree, and Michael's I went!

The first part is easy...cut the piece of scrap book paper to the size of the frame insert.  Then proceeded to do a little improvising for the letters.  I don't have a printer, or any fancy scissors so I had to do the letters the old fashioned way...tilt the laptop backwards with the letters displayed in Microsoft Word, placed the sketching paper on the computer screen, traced, and cut them out with standard scissors.  Old school for sure....

I used the Monotype Corsiva font for all three.  The B is size 500, and the T and A are 200.  Cutting out the letters were the most tedious part since the scissors were not small in size, or very precise.  For the negative spaces I had to use a box cutter which left some frayed edges, but you can't really tell from far away.  No glue was used for this either!  VERY carefully I placed the letters on the glass, laid down the paper, and stuck on the back.  After a few tweaks with the placement I ended up with this!!

You likey?  The paper is the perfect pop of color I was looking for, and now the space feels even more like ours.  He'll be pleased I'm sure...and then think it's just for him :-P.  

Have you done anything with monogram?  What do you think of the trend?  Have any cool artwork ideas?  I'd love to see them!!  Have a good rest of the week!!

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