Target Dollar Spot Scores

Hey hey!!  How's your weekend going?  Are you soaking up the last few hours of freedom on this beautiful Sunday?  I've had the luxury of having off the WHOLE weekend (which normally doesn't happen in the retail world)!!  It's been a much needed break from the post-holiday craziness.  I've actually been able to cross off items on my to-do list around here, and get caught up on everything else.  Why can't I have this every week?  
Friday was spent running errands, and doing a little shopping. I think I drove all over this city, and back in the midst of it.  The "rewards" for doing so I'm over the moon with.  Plus they are all budget-friendly which made it even better.  

First off I FINALLY donated that huge IKEA bag of items that had been sitting in my spare room since September.  I can't tell you how satisfied, and relieved I am to have it gone.  It really makes the whole mood, and space lighter, and freeing (if that makes sense).  Before long there will be another pile started knowing me.  Organizing has been at the top of my to-do list lately as is for a lot of people.  Yay for getting things in order!!

I've been on the hunt for a tin pail to makeover for a DIY project, and figured I'd check if Goodwill had any.  No such luck there.  Of course there was a plethora of glass vases (which I'm a sucker for), but I turned and walked away.  Sometimes I just have to do that.  Since Hobby Lobby is across the street I ventured over there.  Again no such luck.  I walked around aimlessly for probably 45 minutes trying to find a pail, a basket, ANYTHING that could work, but my heart was still set on a tin pail.  By this point I'm beyond frustrated, and ready to leave.  On my way out I passed an end-cap, and immediately stopped in my tracks.  This wasn't even on my list of things to get for the day, but for only $6 I couldn't resist.  Definite impulse buy...

If you follow me on Instagram you already know about this, but I had to share it here too!!  Isn't this so pretty!!  It's now sitting beautifully on my ladder bookshelf in the bedroom.  My eyes just light up every time I walk in there.  Total home decor nerd moment, I know.

My last stop of the day consisted at Target.  Bad idea, right?? I try to stay away from there as much as possible only because it gets me in trouble.  So many pretty, brightly colored, gorgeous, and sophisticated things!!  I've been reading in blogs lately of finding supplies in their $1 Spot, and thought "Hmmm I'll give it a whirl".  The rest is history...

Trips before walking past the $1 Spot was the norm.  I never paid much attention to it.  "What could Target possibly have on sale for a $1?" I would mumble. Thinking it was "junk" or "crap" (excuse my language) I'd keep my distance, and continue on.  BIG. MISTAKE!!  Why on earth did I think Target would sell "junk" for a $1 when everything else they sell is awesome?!?!  

Awesomeness indeed.  The moment I saw the magazine file my heart skipped a beat.  You guys have known I've been searching for one for FOREVER.  How could I pass this up...especially for a $1?!?!  Everything else you impulse buys.  

I mean how could I say no to removable wall hooks?  Those are one of those things that you think to yourself  "I'm sure I could use this for something, right?"  

On the fridge, the magnetic notepad is perfect to jot down any items for a grocery list.  I have an app on my phone, but prefer to have a hard copy.  Makes me feel less attached to my phone which isn't necessarily a bad thing.  

The file first I didn't really have anything that needed to be filed in a new folder.  After yesterday's purging of papers galore I have found its' purpose.  Once I'm finished with that task I'll definitely make a post on what I'm using it for now!

Here's what my the bottom shelf of the bookcase looks like now with the magazine file:

So much better right?!  

I'm all about smart shopping, and finding the $1 Spot is a smart move.  Taking note of the secret source of my fellow bloggers I'll be following in their footsteps.  I'm going to make it a point to stop in (on occasion) to check it out, and see what other goodies I can find! I may not have found the tin pail, but all of this made up for it!!
(By the way Target did NOT endorse this post or any content within this post.  I'm just sharing the love on what I found, and I like sharing what I find with you all!!)

 Do you shop the $1 Spot, or any dollar places??  Have you found any awesome things?  Have any tips on what to look for?  Have an awesome ending to the weekend!!

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