Washi Tape Rookie

Attention!!  Attention!!  I have (finally) discovered one of the most awesome crafting supplies ever made, and today it's making its' debut here on PSBA.  I present to you....washi tape!!

Liked that didn't ya? ;)

Friday I made ran my usual errands, and of course one of those was Target.  I may have totally stopped by the new-found wonder of the Dollar Spot, and scooped up these rolls of washi tape.  It seems this is a staple to all of my fave (and every other) DIY/crafting bloggers out there, and knew that I could find something to spruce up with it.  In the basket they went.  Plus I tried out the Cartwheel app while in there...only saved $2, but that just means two extra Dollar Spot items for a future trip. :) :)

In my ongoing quest to perfect the living room bookshelf there are two eyesores that definitely needed a make over.  Our CD collection is stored in two media boxes I found years ago in Wal-Mart.  At the time I was in an "everything-all-black" phase decor-wise, and thought they would look sleek on a white bookshelf.  Indeed they did...emphasize did.  Now they look bulky, and dark.  Know what I mean?  So they became my first target.

Here's a somewhat before and after.  I played around with the first box, and came up with this design.  And remembered that I need to do a better job of showing "in the process" photos on here.  You're welcome!!

With the boxes all I did was "outline" the top and front edges of the box.  I would measure (aka eyeball-it) the length, and fold down along each edge.  I didn't want the outline to be too thick so hence I only used one strip of tape for each edge versus using two separate pieces of tape.  This is what it looks like before I folded it down.

Here's the top of the box....and my foot covered in a warm, wooly, crocheted sock.  These things are awesome...they have grippies on the bottom!!  Okay I digress now :)

It turned out so well!!  The pattern on this is just enough to give a more sophisticated look, but not going overboard, or all in your face.  The pictures don't do it justice, but the tape really makes the boxes look brighter.  And more fancy looking...I like being fancy.

Look how fun they are now!!!  

I haven't found a target to use the pink striped tape on yet, but that'll probably be my mission this weekend.  Normally I don't do pink in my decor colorwheel, but with V-Day coming up I'm sure I'll think up or find something.

What do you use washi tape for?  Do you have any favorite projects that you use it with?  Where do you shop for it?

Stay warm (and busy if you're snowed in) this weekend, and stay prudent my friends!!!

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