Love is Patient

Hello hello!!  Are any of you braving this crazy weather?? It hasn't snowed here in a few days, but we're expected to get more sometime this weekend.  Don't get me wrong I love the snow, but I'm actually ready for SPRING.  Not too hot, not too cold...just perfect t-shirts, and jeans weather.

In the midst of all this cold, and being stuck home for most of the weekend my creative wheels shifted towards art.  Or at least my attempted version of making art.  I'll let you be the judge.

I've never been much on decorating for Valentine's Day (regardless of the relationship status).  It seems corny, and a little unnecessary.  V-Day shouldn't be just one should be everyday. However, I felt the need to put something up, or in this case create something.  One of my favorite scriptures is the 1 Corinthians "Love is patient, Love is kind", and have wanted to incorporate this somewhere in the apartment. So why not make a subway art-themed piece for Valentine's Day b/c it's the glorified day of Love! Perfect!

The style was inspired by an artist I follow on Instagram.  Her name is Stephanie Sterjovski, and she creates some of the simplest yet cutest art that is beyond for words.  Plus it's all really affordable, and am thinking of snatching up a few prints for my future gallery-wall project.  I'm partial over her Black&White collection, and the "Do What You Love" print is my source of inspiration for this piece.  

Seriously....cute, classy, and simple.  I'm in love with this!!

Basically for my piece all I used was an 8x10 piece of sketching paper, colored pencils, and markers.  So adult I know.  The border stencil is from a trinket box that I traced in the middle of the paper.  After a few attempts of freehand cursive (Sadly I had to look at cursive fonts to remember the correct way for the capital P and K) I came up with the finished quote.  Then I got my "kid" on, and drew the hearts, colored them in, then outlined.  Don't do what I did, and outline in'll get a few smudges.  Just use permanent markers instead.

See...smudges :-/.  Not noticeable from far away, but still.

There you have it!!  I actually enjoyed making this little art piece.  I felt like a kid again making it...even with the concentrated sticking-your-tongue-out face. Haha!!  Enjoy your holiday weekend, and remember that even if you don't have a significant other, I love you all!!

*Disclaimer:  This post was not sponsored, nor was I compensated for any of this.  All of the opinions are my own, and not influenced at all.  I'm just such a big fan of SS Print Shop that I wanted to share it with you guys too!!  Thanks!!

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