Floral Artwork

Hey hey my peeps!! Hope you've had a fabulous start to your week!! I think it's safe to say that spring is here to stay. Well more like spring showed up, and summer decided to make a cameo here in Kentucky. But I love it!! 

With all the warm weather the flowers and trees are blooming!! (And so are my allergies). I had the chance to make a quick trip to see the parents, and was able to snap a few pics of my step-mom's lovely flowers. I'm her designated flower photographer :).  One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to take pics of all her flowers, and other nature-y things.  I find a lot of inspiration from flowers, and the ones I snapped last weekend hit the spot.

Her phlox are a gorgeous lavender/periwinkle/pink mix that just pulls at my heart strings. I'm always drawn to the cooler colors, but add in some pink, and I'm sold. If you follow me on Instagram then you've already seen what I'm talking about:

I fell in love with all of the shots, and knew I needed to add one of them into our bedroom. I'm (slowly) adding in pops of teals, and purples into the room, and one of these floral shots would be perfect.

Playing around with the color effects, and crop tools on my iPhone 4S, I zoomed in on one of the pics. I was really amazed at the details, and how vibrant the colors turned out. Finally I achieved this shot:

Paired with a white frame (from Walmart for only $4!) it was the perfect touch for my drab bedroom:

Now this lovely photo sits above the bed next to my paint chip art. I still need to print/find something else for the other side to balance it out...a Libra at her finest haha.

Buttercup wanted to be featured too. And don't mind my sloppy attempt to make the bed. I was in a hurry to get these shots before the clouds rolled in.

I'm really having such a hard time trying to decorate this room.  The furniture is a mix of hand-me-downs, and items that I've had since my college days.  I would love to purchase a new bed frame, but that isn't in the books right now.  Down the road I want to stain/paint/re-color the dresser...we'll see.  So for now I'll stick to adding pops of color.

Where do you find inspiration?  Do you showcase any nature shots you have snapped?

Have a good rest of the week!  I'm off to Cincinnati tomorrow for a quick trip, and guess where I'm making a stop?? (Hint: I may or may not have a hard time trying to "contain" myself) ;)

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