Under the Sink

Happy Memorial Day everyone! As you are on your way to the pools to soak up some sun, or hang with friends by the grill remember what this day is about!! Thank you to all who have served our beautiful country, and what they've sacrificed for us! Very proud of them especially TA.

This is just quick organizing task that has been on my brain for weeks now.  This spot wasn't out of control, but messy enough that it was bothering me.  Luckily I don't see this space very often...it's in TA's bathroom so he really could care less what I did while he was gone for his birthday weekend.  I think he'll like it, or at least he better. I worked not so VERY hard on this task!! ;)

Isn't that pretty?  Yeah not so much huh.  Like I said it wasn't terrible, but it needed some organizing love for sure.  Is it sad that there's not a lot under here?  I feel like there should be more...hmm oh well.

I nabbed this awesome slide-out mesh drawer tower from my most recent trip to the Container Store, and I'm very pleased with how well it worked in this space!!

I'm really happy that these drawers slide out.  It'll make things much easier to grab and go, versus rummaging through the supplies that are sprawled out all over the place.

However there is one snafu that I thought I had planned accordingly, but didn't realize until I had already finished.  With the cleaning products in the top drawer it can't slide out due to the front board covering the sink :(

Don't mind my dusty door hinges.  But see what I mean....can't slide it out. 

Here's a better angle of what I'm talking about.  There's no way it can slide out.  What I didn't do was measure how tall the supplies would be once inside the drawer.  Now I know to measure for future reference.  Lesson learned for sure!!  

(Yeah...this is why I don't look under here...I'm telling you it's scary).  

I can't help, but to smile when I see this space.  This is the overall look I was aiming towards, and I'm so happy that it's not such a mess.  All of his medical supplies are in one place, and the cleaning products are living happily together.  They just can't be free to slide out like their neighbors below.  I may rearrange some things, and come up with a different solution.  I've already tried placing the cleaning products in the bottom, but again they're too tall.  Maybe they're just the problem.  I don't know anymore, maybe it's me...no it's definitely the cleaning stuff. Haha!!

Have you organized anything lately?  Were there any issues or problems you ran into, and how did you fix them?

Hope you all have had a fantastic holiday weekend, and always be safe (and prudent)!

*Disclaimer:  The Container Store did not sponsor nor compensate me for this post.  All content, and opinions are my own.


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