Hodgepodge of DIY's

Happy Friday my peeps!  Hope your week has treated you well! The first half for me was draining, but has shaped up to be a good one.  I had to spend a few days at the hospital with my family since Bubby had to have surgery, but nothing serious. If you follow me on Instagram I went on pic overload out of boredom.  We're all home, and all is well!!

I've wanted to do this post for awhile, and showcase some of the smaller (and much more simple) DIY projects I've done for the past few weeks. I also added in a few decor pieces from my first trip to HomeGoods. It's pretty sad when you have lived in a town for almost 7 years knowing there is a HomeGoods, and you've just made your first trip! I am ashamed...

The first item I spotted at HG was this cute little basket to corral Buttercup's toys. Before they had lived behind the scoop chair, and it bugged me to no end.  Now all her ropes have a home, and I don't see any little remnants of rope on the floor anymore.

Our pen/pencil holder is an only candle jar that I emptied using my wax removal method. Afterwards I cut up some scrapbook paper, and wrapped it in place with spray adhesive and tape. Easy peasy!!

Surprise, surprise! More artwork...I am so predictable, right? I can't even tell you though how long I've put this off, and finally after being bored on a rainy Saturday I put this together.  If you're wondering how I did it check out this post

Here's a sneak peek of some upcoming projects (and my highly messy, dysfunctional, work-in-progress-soon-to-be craft room)!!

I've always been fascinated by pitchers, and this was my second find at HomeGoods. My little heart skipped a beat with the light white/grey/purple undertones!! It's just a beautiful piece that I could pass up (especially with it being $9).  Currently it's living on the ladder shelf in the master bedroom...I can't stop staring at it every time I walk in. 

Being vertically challenged indeed causes everyday problems i.e. standing on tip-toes to reach for items, or inevitably climbing on counters to get into cabinets.  The spice cabinet especially posed a problem.  With every cooking adventure I'd beckon for TA to reach and grab something down.  After awhile I got fed up, and finally came to this solution.  I give many thanks to this post from The Homes I Have Made...it's a life saver!!

Mason jars are all the rage now, and decided to (somewhat) get on the craze train.  Adding a little skeleton key tied with a ribbon makes it slightly more interesting.  The really interesting part is how I climbed the counters to get it up on the cabinet.  Go ahead, and imagine it. It really is a funny site to see.  Because of my dilemma I'm asking for a step-stool for my birthday this year.

Are there any small projects you've been up to?  What are some of your favorite projects that were easy to accomplish?  Have a great weekend!!

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