Side Table Makeover

Holy cow it seems like it's been FOR.EV.ER. since I have posted about a DIY project!!  I am so ashamed!! Can you forgive me?? Please? Needless to say I am so stoked about sharing my latest DIY adventure. I'll warn you now I may ramble, and there will be picture overload. It's gotta be good if there's lots of pictures, and me rambling on about every.single.detail.  Sometimes I just can't help myself.  Okay I'll stop, and get down to it.

This project I've had on my to-do list for quite some time now, and I got around to getting it complete. This one took more planning, time, and supplies, and of course I had a few bumps along the way.  This was the first major project that I had to actually take into account the existing decor I have, and the outcome I wanted once finished.  I even had friends help me pick out the paint colors, and make a trip to Lowe's.  Seriously that place can be daunting, but I wasn't skeered.  Okay maybe a little!   The end result is nowhere "picture perfect", but I am so proud of how well it actually turned out. 

I've had this laminate/MDF side table sitting next to my couch, and obviously it's great functionally, but I knew it was in need of a makeover.  It was black, and for the time being I kept it covered with an old throw.  Here's how it was styled during Halloween last year.

With it's pending makeover I wanted it to be bright, colorful, and with a pattern.  I've been obsessing over the trellis/Moroccan tile pattern, and found a stencil at Hobby Lobby.  With their coupon it was less than $2!!  Mama likes crafty coupons!  The color scheme I was aiming for was a light grey and blue so off to Lowe's I went.  Thanks to the help of one of my co-workers I went with Valspar's Bay Waves (light grey), and Blue Vault.

On a lovely Sunday morning I whipped out some paint brushes, and got to work. I was so amazed of how well this paint covered. I didn't use primer, and after two coats I was grinning from ear to ear. 

It looks white, but if it's dim in the room you can definitely see the grey undertones.

The next part was the most frustrating to say the least. Had I done this without my father's help, and TA's encouragement I would've stopped, and scrapped the whole project.

When I used the stencil I did not use re-positionable adhesive. I wasn't sure if it would have ripped up the newly painted surface. This is probably due to me not asking someone, or doing enough research. I started by taping around the edges of the stencil to the table, and used a foam brush for the first two coats.

TA's feet totally photobombing 

I had to overlap the stencil to get a continued look, and this caused a funky line to form from being taped down.

Another foot photobomb!

This is where things got hairy. Paint started to seep underneath the stencil, which caused the outline to be non-existent. Each segment seemed to get progressively worse since the foam brush wasn't covering as well by this point. Many curse words were said under my breath, and I had to walk away numerous times. 

After at least an hour of touching up, and free-handing the outline with a touch-up brush here is the result!

I think foot photobombs is the new thing

You can definitely see the difference between the stencil, and my free-hand work. I couldn't help, but to notice ALL of the imperfections every time I walked passed. I was over-obsessing, and everyone told me to stop, and said it looks good. And I admit, they are right. After being away for a few hours I squealed when I laid eyes upon it again. I still smile when I see it next to the couch. 

After completing this makeover I finally feel like I can accomplish more "complicated" projects. I'm not so intimidated anymore, and have learned so much by doing this makeover.  Even through all of the frustration, choice words muttered, and just walking away this really was a fun transformation.  With this new found confidence I can't wait (nor decide) on what will be made over next. Whatever it is I will definitely apply all of things learned from this experience, and hopefully not use as many curse words next time.  Haha!!

Oh and the cost of this project?

Stencil: $2 from Hobby Lobby
Paint: $3 per sample
Drop cloth: $3
Roller brush/bristle brush: $5
Painter's tape: $4

That's right!!  $20 for the whole lot!!  It really is easy to do a DIY project on such a small budget!!

Have you transformed/made-over any pieces of furniture lately?  Did you have any trouble?  Have any suggestions for my next painting quest?

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