Coat Closet Reorganized!!

Hey everyone!  Hope you've had a fantastic start to your week!  It was dreary here today, and it just seemed to set the tone for the rest of the day.  Keeping my head up, and praying for better things tomorrow!
So I kinda totally forgot I had started this post, and never got around to finishing it.  It is completed, and another organization project checked off my to-do list!  Best. Feeling. Ever!! Hope you enjoy!!

Back in late spring, TA and I had a whole day playing around in Cincy, and was kind enough to let me have a mini-haul from the Container Store.  I can't help myself, but I'm just too excited that I finally got around to another troublesome spot in our apartment.

If you haven't seen what the coat closet looked like initially check out this post.  Since then I added in the basket for our winterwear items which made it less cluttered, but still not enough.  Our shoes lived sporadically around the door, near the dining room table, our bedroom...pretty much everywhere.  The closet was still in its' unorganized state, and I was determined to get it in control.

This is the closet "cleaned up". Ignore my vacuum cleaner...

There's no shoe storage which is what was the irritating part.  We both have a bad habit of keeping the shoes we wear most around this part of the apartment.  I wanted to find a solution that we could house all of them (especially for his size 12-13 shoes), and be durable enough to hold.  His shoes can be pretty know since I'm so dainty at being a 5'2". I wear a size 7 if you were wondering :).

After measuring, and a lot of research this is my newly organized (again) coat closet!!

New boot tray which means less messes, and a place for shoes to dry!!  

What I really liked about this organizer is not only it holds his shoes comfortably it hangs by two hooks for extra support.  I'm really impressed with the sturdiness, and that we can fit all of our most worn shoes in one place

Not a big organizing project, but enough to make my little organizing heart happy.  I really do smile when I open up the door, and see things nice, and neat.  Now if I can just get TA on board with the shoe organizer it'd be perfect!!  (He still leaves his shoes everywhere....grrr!!!)

What have you organized lately?  How do you get others on board with your organizing?  Having any trouble spots in your home organizing??

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