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Happy Monday folks!! This weekend the weather here was gorgeous!! It felt more like early summer, but it's coming to an end this week. Kinda sad, but I'm ready for that crisp, Fall air to make a comeback. Even though I didn't spend much time outside I was able to complete a somewhat spur-of-the-moment diy project. I'm so in love with the end result. Seriously you would think it came from a high-end retailer when really it cost me less than $10 to make! 

All I used for this was a frame (on clearance for $2 at Michael's), white card stock, and this sparkly gold leaf from the Christmas decor section at Michael's. The leaf is what was the inspiration behind this project. The light champagne color was too pretty to pass up, and immediately thought "I could totally frame this"!! My goal is to have a gallery wall above my sofa, and this piece just has to be a part of it. So two went in my basket, and bought everything else a week later.

I took some leftover paint from past projects, and painted the frame first. The paint dries fairly quickly (20-30 minutes between coats) so I had it completed on Saturday. Until I realized that I forgot to paint the inside ledge where the glass sits against. Here's what the original color of the frame was compared to it painted:

Everything else from here was easy. I cut down the card stock so it would fit within the frame, and trim down the stick on the leaf. I didn't want to trim it too much out of fear the leaf would stay in place once it was hung. I could have hot glued the leaf onto the card stock, but I just pictured a messy, complicate disaster. So no hot glue.

I had failed to notice that there were 2 hooks to hang not one. However, instead of using a measuring tape and pencil marks, I just cut a piece of painters tape to measure out. Slapped it on the wall where I wanted it (aka eye-balled it), and put in the nails.


Final result:

Not trying to brag on myself, but I mean seriously?!?! This really looks like something that you'd find out of a West Elm catalog, or the like. I'm so so so happy with it! 

This room is still a work in progress. So just ignore the couch, and focus on the art haha. Slowly, but surely my vision of what I want this space to be will come together. The pieces I've made so far in this space is doing that, and the newest addition blends both grey, and beige. I think I may be in love (just don't tell TA haha)!

Have a great start to the week, and thanks for stopping by!! I'll have more painted goodies later this week to share so stay tuned!!

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