New Obsession: Painted Mason Jars

Happy Halloween everyone! Can you believe it's already here?!?! And can you also believe that here in Kentucky we're slated to get SNOW?!?! It really doesn't surprise me, but it is a little early for all of that nonsense. I'm just not ready. Anyways today's post isn't Halloween themed, but it is another crafting project that can be year-round, and customized for all seasons.

With my spare time I've really made more of an effort to start/continue/complete small DIY projects that have been on the to-do list. I've fallen in love with painting (everything), and have caught on to the craze of painted mason jars. Yes, yes I know I'm a little late, but I now see why it's so popular. It really isn't that hard, and they really are cute once done! 

The first try was this small jar that had been tucked away in my kitchen cabinet for months. The only supplies used were a gold Sharpie paint pen, and Americana's Multi-Surface satin paint. Basically I was experimenting on this one so it's not spectacular, but I like how it turned out.

The next attempt was using an old soap bottle, and rolled some acrylic paint around to coat the inside evenly. Very easy, and not as messy. Successful!

Jar number two isn't as ornate. This was actually the true test of painting a jar. My first coat didn't go on so well. I used a bristle brush, and there was terrible brush strokes. Luckily I was able to rinse off the paint, and start over. If I remember correctly I used a foam brush the second time. After letting it air dry for a day or so I then used a small makeup (yes I said makeup) brush, and the second coat went on beautifully. I was so thrilled that I didn't do anything else. It now lives on my ladder shelf in the bedroom. 

The most recent jar is somewhat a bummer. The color wasn't as light as I had hoped, and there were brush strokes again. I even bought a pack of paint brushes, and still had some trouble. Maybe the wrong ones? The color part is my fault due to not purchasing white paint to lighten it up. After applying a second coat of paint the strokes were minimized, but a third coat may be added on later. Maybe I'm over-analyzing...I tend to do that.

I hot glued some twine around the top, and it's not so bad now. My original vision was for the color to be mint green not turquoise (hence the need for white paint to mix for desired color). Lesson learned. And next time I will experiment with primier, and/or a different brush type. 

So how did I do? They're not terrible for this being my first two attempts. I plan on getting in some more practice soon. This would make great Christmas gifts filled with goodies, and can be customized for each of my friends and family. Hmmm...I see more jars in my future....

If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment below, or find me on my other social media accounts!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a fun and safe Halloween!!

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