Touch of Color

Hey friends!! Have you ever had a blah piece of furniture that just irked you? Like the kind that stands there so boring and bothersome that you get to the point of being so fed up with it? Yeah that's the relationship I've had with the bookshelf in the living room. It's a main focal point that I've so desperately tried to freshen up, and nothing ever seemed to work. 

Except this time. This time I took a chance, and was so pleased with the end result. 

I painted the backboard. And now it looks amazing!

It really is true that paint changes everything. It can bring anything back to life, and give it a whole new look and feel. For this project all that was used was some leftover Valspar paint (Stone Mason Grey) from the second table makeover. I definitely wanted to have a darker color to give it a more dramatic look, but still look sophisticated. With a wide foam brush and two hours of trashy daytime tv I had this completed, and re-decorated. 

I picked up this sweet copper lantern at HomeGoods. It stands out (in a good way) against the dark grey background. It adds a nice glam touch, and I love the shape. Just something about it makes my heart skip. I'm seeing copper making a comeback in home decor, and I'm hopping on this bandwagon for sure!

I hope you are enjoying the holidays with family and friends! I still can't believe it's Christmas, and only 1 week left of the year! Soak it up, and have fun! 

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