DIY Spring Wreath

Hello friends! I don't know about you, but I am sooo ready for Spring to arrive. Don't get me wrong I love the snow and some cold, but all of these bright, fun colors I see in stores has me ready for warmth, and vibrancy. So what did I do on a snowy Friday night?? I put together a wreath meant for Spring!

The only supplies I used for this project were hydrangea bundles, a grapevine wreath, hot glue, and pliers/wire cutters. Lucky for me I had some Michael's gift cards from Christmas, and a coupon so this project didn't break the bank either. WOOT!! 

Quick tip: use floral bundles versus the single stemmed flowers. It makes the arranging and cutting part easier since the wire is thin. With the bundles you have more blooms to use for this project (or more for later if you don't use them all)! Plus the bundles I think were cheaper than the single stems. Regardless just trying to help you all out!

First step is to decide what order or arrangement you want the flowers to be in. I'm really into blues and mint greens, and wanted to incorporate these colors in my wreath. I used 1 green stem, and 2 blue stems alternating them.

Next step is once you have your arrangement picked out cut a stem about 6-7 inches long. This way you can easily thread it through the wreath, and remove if necessary to tweak its' placement. Here's a visual: 

Once you have all of your stems in place cut off the excess stems with your wire cutters, and hot glue the stems into place.

And that's it!! Now if you're super fancy you can add some ribbon, burlap, bows or whatever your heart desires. I didn't pick up any other embellishments, but I'm debating on adding some ribbon. For now I'm liking the minimal look to it. 

I think once the snow melts I'll hang it outside. Then again a friend suggested I do it now to ward off the rest of winter. She may just be right about this one. Bring On Spring!! 

Until next time stay prudent my friends!!

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