Product Empties UPDATE

Hello friends! First off Happy New Year! How exciting is it that we have finally said goodbye to 2016?! To say that it was a terrible year isn't necessarily true...there were a few bright spots along the way. However, I am glad to see a new year arrive which brings upon us new adventures and opportunities! I wanted to stop by, and give an update on my previous post of my Product Empties challenge. I'm pretty happy with the progress, and found more products that had been forgotten about that I need to start working on! So without further ado let's get started!

I finally finished all of these!! It seemed it took forever to get through them, but let me clarify I took this pic about 2-3 weeks before I wrote my last post. I know blogger fail! Another item that got crossed off the list was the BBW Pocket Bac (hand sanitizer). Y'all I had that thing what seemed like FOREVER!! Pretty sure it was gifted to me last Halloween or the year before. #TheWorstAtUsingUpItemsInATimelyManner

Two items that I didn't add to the list were candles which again one of them I've had since last year. At least it's done with though, right? Out of sight, out of mind!

The only other items I did not finish were the Elf blush (I've hit major pan, andit's ALMOST empty!), VS Tease body mist, and the peppermint foot spray. Other items that I didn't add to the original list include a tube of Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme, some foot scrub, and foot lotion. My feet are going to love me over the next few weeks! LoL.

All in all I really enjoyed pushing myself to do this challenge, and finally use up products that have been sitting around collecting precious space (and dust). This next phase might be a little more time consuming only because I'm terrible of using up lotions, and fragrances (obviously). However, I'll be smelling pretty dang good, and should have baby-smooth feet by the time it's all said and done. It actually sounds more exciting now that it's typed out ha!

If you've participated in a Product Empties challenge, or are considering doing so, feel free to use the #ProductEmptiesChallenge tag on Twitter, or Instagram so I can see your progress! Trust me when I say it'll be redundant having to use the same products over and over when you can easily just throw them out, or give them away. By all means though if it's expired definitely throw it out, or if you feel someone else will benefit from it then donate your little heart out! I wish you good luck if you choose to take part, and just think the end result will be worth it will all of that clutter gone!

Stay prudent my friends!!

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