Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a part of the Prudent Style by Ally family!  Businesses and individuals that are associated with products and/or services with a focus on budget are encouraged to inquire for sponsorship.

You may contact me about any questions or concerns that you have.  I review websites and any other media associated with your business to make an educated decision that reflects my and my readers fashion taste.

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All inquires are highly welcomed, but must comply with my rules.  PSBA accepts (after my approval upon review) product samples from business owners and designers for product reviews, and featured in posts (with courtesy-of links and full disclosure).  The purpose of this blog is to show others my personal style in all aspects on a budget so items that are easily accessible on a budget are what I feature. Not only am I a businesswoman, but a potential customer as well.

All bloggers can be and are a vital resource for brands, and businesses, and should be treated with respect.  To learn more, please click on the button below.

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PSBA does NOT accept money for sponsored posts.  Sponsors can send merchandise, and occasionally have their products featured in editorial outfit posts for promotion,  yet is is editorial.  My opinions, my words, my selections, my post.  These posts are reflective of my point of view, and will not be changed at any time regardless of outside influences.  If I do blog about a product from a sponsor it is because I wanted to, not because of being paid to or having an obligation to do so.  My opinions and all content is my own and will remain to be so.

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