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Product Empties UPDATE

Hello friends! First off Happy New Year! How exciting is it that we have finally said goodbye to 2016?! To say that it was a terrible year isn't necessarily true...there were a few bright spots along the way. However, I am glad to see a new year arrive which brings upon us new adventures and opportunities! I wanted to stop by, and give an update on my previous post of my Product Empties challenge. I'm pretty happy with the progress, and found more products that had been forgotten about that I need to start working on! So without further ado let's get started!

I finally finished all of these!! It seemed it took forever to get through them, but let me clarify I took this pic about 2-3 weeks before I wrote my last post. I know blogger fail! Another item that got crossed off the list was the BBW Pocket Bac (hand sanitizer). Y'all I had that thing what seemed like FOREVER!! Pretty sure it was gifted to me last Halloween or the year before. #TheWorstAtUsingUpItemsInATimelyMa…

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