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2018: The Year of Colour-Neutrals

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! The day one splurges before starting a new diet or lifestyle change, and reflects back on the year they’ve had. 2018 has been a doozy to say the least. It didn’t start off the greatest, had a lot of ups, and downs, but has ended on a higher note. Last night I stumbled upon the Year of Colour chart of someone I follow on Instagram, and wanted to see how my Year of Colour looked.  Needless to say I post a LOT of neutrals which is surprising for someone who loves color! In a way I agree with this chart with how my year went.  A few bright spots, but overall kinda meh.  
In 2019 I’m changing that. Life isn’t meant to be lived in a boring state.  It’s meant to be lived colorfully, and boldly. I have bold goals for the year like paying down the majority of my debt, and redoing 3 rooms in my home. The biggest goal though is to take charge of my health. The first step is setting up the doctor/dentist appointments that are needed. I can’t say enough how crappy 2…

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