Be Inspired

I just want to say that even if a lot of people aren't reading this blog or paying any attention keeping this blog has been a semi-lifesaver for me. Now that I've finally found my niche, frugal aka prudent fashion I feel even more inspired to make my dream more of a reality. I want this blog to be a feature in magazines, and be well-known in the fashion industry. Yes I cover lower-cost fashion, but in today's economy not everyone can afford the newest Hermes Birkin, or DVF's fab dresses so the majority of us must make sacrifices. Also over the past few days on Twitter, a popular trending topic on my timeline from a follower (MrCouture) was #BeInspired, and it really struck me that I need to act on my inspiration.

While browsing my new fave jewelry site, I came across a bracelet that is fitting to what I feel right now. A sterling silver thin band with the word Inspire in black-lettering...simple in form, but powerful in meaning. This is a piece that I consider to be classic and timeless. All jewelry should have a meaning that boosts are confidence, and this is one to definately have.

My main point is to find something and be inspired whether it's from a painting, a goregeous outfit, a landscape or whatever the aesthetic is. Find something you love and go for it...I finally have and I WILL make it happen. Hope you all have had a great weekend, and leave some love!


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