I ♥ Hand Candy

Before being shut down on my previous blog I covered one of my favorite items in fashion--cocktail rings! And now I'm re-sharing my newest fave site! I discovered this AMAZING site called Emitations.com through a fellow fashion blogger (PrettyShinySparkly)that had some fabulous costume jewelry for pretty reasonable prices. After sifting through some of their products I came across two FABULOUS rings that I've been lusting over for weeks now. I'm a huge fan of hand candy especially cocktail rings (even though I don't own very many b/c it's hard to wear big rings while sensoring clothes). I'd thought I'd share them w/ you, and give you all a chance to check out this awesome site.

As most fashion followers know, cocktail rings are to make a statement and get noticed. In my Personal Style whenever I have on a neutral and/or dark outfit I like to wear something w/ a pop of color usually resorting to some type of accesory. I'm hoping once I get my "real world" job I'll be able to afford fancy things, but for now I will lust after them from afar. :)

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Don't forget to check out PrettyShinySparkly's site...she's got fab taste, and impecable style!! :)


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