Something Old...

As an aspiring fashion blogger it is my job to find new looks, trends, sales, websites,and other fashion-related things, and I've been having some trouble coming up w/ new sites to feature. I've also mentioned in previous posts that I'm attempting to break away from old styling habits i.e. not trying out different patterns/colors in clothing or choosing items that are deemed "too safe". Even though the vintage trend has been in full force for the past few seasons I just can't quite catch on to it. Don't get me wrong I like vintage items like purses, and jewelry, but nothing has caught my eye in the clothing department. When it comes to clothes I like classic pieces, but that doesn't necessarily mean vintage. When I say classic I mean it'll be in style for seasons to come, not just once, and gone forever. I think this is why I do have such a hard time breaking away b/c I see classic pieces, however, they're not vintage.

As for finding new things to feature, I don't want to come off as being a copy-cat or anything so I feel bad when I feature a site that I think other bloggers have already mentioned. I do browse other blogs, but in no way will I turn around and do a post about something they just did. It may be like the old saying "Imitation is the best form of flattery", but I also see it as being disrespectful. Maybe I need to network more on Twitter or just spend an entire day sifting through all the low-cost fashion sites (and not interrupt myself w/ Twitter and Facebook). After seeing a fellow blogger mention this site I became curious to see what else they offer, and so far I like, and guess what??'s vintage-inspired clothing! features indie-made, vintage inspired clothing, accessories, and blog that I'm absolutely adoring right now. I came across the peach College Ruled Top, and the Polly Locket Necklace, and I must say I fell in love at first sight. I can actually visualize myself wearing their clothes, and this is exciting. The only downside is b/c they are indie-made clothes things have a tendency to sell out quick and all sizes may not be available, but there is a notify-me option which is nice especially if you have your eye on something. Included in this outfit are a Light Wash Skinny Ankle Jean, and shoes from
I'm gonna keep my eye on this ModCloth and see what else I can find. Until then, enjoy and Happy Shopping!!


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