Be Wise My Friend

With each passing day I'm anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Autumn. There is so much I love and remember from past autumns--the vibrant colors of the leaves changing, brisk mornings and evenings, old memories from marching band (I am a profound band geek), football, Halloween, and most important my birthday! lol j/k. One of the best icons for this beautiful season is the owl, and I've been seeing a lot of owl items in stores and on websites lately which makes me happy and sad. I love that they're out, but I would prefer to see this stuff in a few weeks when it's more appropriate.

From top clockwise--shirt from Forever 21; ring from; coaster, mousepad, and pin from

For you nature lovers I found some great retro pieces for all life aspects on There are so many cute items I found, and shared a few finds in the collage above. A lot of the pieces have this retro-chic vibe to them which I absolutely adore. Something about retro items whether it's for the home or on clothes definitely raises the cool-factor in my book. For those who feel a little on the wild side or need something funky to add in their life this is a great way to do it! Everything I found was under $20 so add something smart to your life. Happy Shopping!

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