Best Concert EVER!!

If you have any appreciation for music of the last 40 years then you should know offhand who the man is in the picture, and if you don't I suggest you stop reading now, and Google the One, the Only, Sir Paul McCartney.

I had the chance of a lifetime to see him in concert last night here in Charlotte, and I must say it was in the top 3 highlights of my life (next to graduating and being proposed to). For a man who is almost 70 he still has it in him to bring the crowd to their feet, and rock the ever-loving-you-know-what out of a show. To be in the presence of a legend is an indescribable feeling, and very hard to put into words. The phrase I've caught myself saying over and over about the show is it was truly an amazing experience, and it's no lie.

I know not everyone is a fan of Paul or The Beatles, but if you look at the history they really did revolutionize music in the 60s during one of the most critical eras in American history. Their music influenced many of the artists that are on the scene today no matter how big or small. If you ever get a chance just listen to the words. Simple, but yet powerful in meaning...their secret wasn't so elaborate.

My future mother-in-law & I...can you tell we're excited?? LOL

For a little fashion update about last night's event, I chose to wear my new NY&Co. Assymetrical Top, and pave CZ necklace from Dillards. For my hair I tried the new Advance Techniques Frizz Control from Avon, and I must say I was impressed, but let down some. My hair frizzes the minute I step into a humid area, and b/c it's been Amazon hot here lately almost nothing stops it. This stuff actually kept my natural curls intact, but I missed a few areas and had a little frizz. Overall I liked and I think I'll invest in a bottle.

I hope you all are having a fab week...I sure am!! Stay cool wherever you are, and I'll leave you w/ another pic of Sir Paul. :) Happy Shopping!

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