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Hello loves! Hope everyone has had a fabulous weekend! Not having to work the past few days has given me the chance to catch up on my house-cleaning, and something more meaningful and fun...wedding planning!! As most of you probably don't know me personally, I've been engaged now for almost 4 years to the love of my life, TA. We've had dates set, and things of that nature, but two things were holding us back from getting married sooner--school and money. School was the #1 priority in my life at that time so we promised each other, and my father we wouldn't marry until I graduate (which happened this past December!). Now our other barrier is saving up enough money to have the best wedding we can w/in our financial means. We don't have a lot of it as is (hence why I started this blog) so we're going to do the best we can. We've set a date for April 30th so we hope that this is THE day it happens.

If any of you have been or are currently married I'm sure you know how daunting wedding planning can actually be. I've decided to not opt for a coordinator b/c that equals to be more money paid out. This is going to be a very DIY wedding, and I'm actually excited. I've picked out a dress (although I need to try it on), assembled a bouquet, picked out invites and rings, and the bridesmaids have their dresses already. We're still debating on the exact venue location, but it will be on the Outer Banks here in NC most likely being at a rental property. Still undecided about a cake, but for the most part I have the major items done for. Let me know what you think of my picks!

A version of my bouquet. I need to add more brown details, and revamp the style a bit.

I found these flowers at my local Michael's craft store, but I need to go back and see what other flowers they have. I'll be making many trips there to pick up other items including ribbon, gel pens, and possible invitations. I love arts and crafts anyways so doing all of this won't be such a hassle. :)

Can't decide on cupcakes or an actual cake! What do you think??

I have people in my family and friends that can bake so I may do this instead of opting for an actual vendor. They may not be as fabulous as these, but you can't beat home cooking any day!

Sand dollar favors (I'm going to add ribbon, and write our names/date on them too!

Invitation from Ann's Bridal Bargains--Day Dream Petal

If you haven't noticed already my colors are pink and brown. As far as patterns I like the polka dots and lines so that's why I really like the invitations and the cakes above. The invitations were only $44 for 50 which isn't too shabby, but I haven't ruled out using the DIY invitations that you can find at craft stores. My dream would to get Illustrator working, and design my own for free. All I'd need is the stock paper which isn't expensive either. And now for a sneak peek of the dress I'm eyeing for...

Dress at David's Bridal

I think it's very beach appropriate...flowly, simple, elegant...the perfect dress for my perfect wedding. Plus it's got a great price tag, and fits well into my frugal budget! Yay!! For my accessories I'm keeping them simple...probably using my own jewelry, and not wearing a veil. Many of the veils I've seen are too pricey in my opinion plus most seem fussy in my opinion.

Are any of you engaged or married? What was your planning process like? Did you do anything different to try and save money? If you have any ideas or suggestions let me know please! I'm trying to cut as many corners as possible, and yet still have a nice wedding. Have a good week, and if you do any shopping, remember Happy Shopping!!

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