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Being a girl, and possessing a dying passion for everything fashion you would think I would be consumed w/ everything make-up, but unfortunately I'm not. As women, makeup serves various purposes--enhancing our natural beauty and features, masking blemishes, and a visual representation of our style and personality. Mine's all three :)
Growing up my mother never let me wear much make-up, and I wasn't properly taught the basics so I was taught through friends. Even w/ their lessons I still feel as if I know nothing about it all so a visit down the make-up aisle is like taking a test on quantum physics for me. Standing there daunted by the numerous choices of eyeliners, lipsticks, powders, and everything else how does one really know exactly what to get when there's no previous training? I think I need a manual...

For years I've never been a brand-loyal kind-of-gal when it comes to make-up, but looking through my stash I lean more towards Cover Girl--foundation, concealer, powder, and eyeshadow. I'm totally in love w/ the Bedazzled Biscotti eyeshadow....just the right amount of shimmer w/o the look of being attacked by a fairy. With mascara I always choose waterproof only b/c of the humidity in the south or an unexpected pop-up w/ my allergies i.e. watery/itchy eyes. My go-to is the infamous pink tube/green top Maybelline can't go wrong w/ it. I guess that's one of the few things my mom passed down to me! I'm not a big lipstick or gloss fan, so I resort to my trusted's get the job done for me. When feeling daring I'll go for my Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss (in Ginger) that was gifted from a consultant. I love the color, but I hate the stickiness with it or w/ any gloss for that matter so I don't wear it often. Do you know of gloss that's totally kick-butt? :-P

One of my main issues w/ make-up is finding the right one for my skin type which is oily. After an hour of applying my "war-paint" (as TA likes to call it) I'm shiny all over. My eyeshadow cakes in the crease of my eyelid which is not cute at all. On top of that my eyeliner starts to smudge half-way through the day (I use a gel/pencil from BonneBell...I know scream at me) which gives me the raccoon/dark circles under the eyes look. I've debated on switching to Cover Girl or a different brand but I want to try a pencil rather than liquid. Liquid seems to time-consuming, but I may get a wild hair up in me, and try it out. Don't knock it 'til try it right?

When choosing make-up the first thing I base my decision on is price. This may or may not be a good thing so this is another issue I have. Now my question to you is do you pay the extra money for a particular brand, or just find whatever is cheapest on the shelf? Also do you experiment among the beauty brands or stick to one? I really need suggestions and ideas so I'm hoping you all can help me out.


  1. Found your blog through the Poppy Project =]
    With my makeup I have all different brands and all different prices. For foundation I don't suggest buying the really cheap stuff - my foundation cost $31AUD which is quite a bit (to me) but it's a really good one.

    Things you can buy cheap are eyeshadows. My friend brought me a way cheap palette with heaps of colours on it and they're really nice colours. I also wouldn't suggest spending heaps on eyeshadows because it can get expensive collecting lots of different colours.

    I have a mascara buying problem, lol. I'm yet to find my holy grail mascara so I'm always buying new ones.

    Nice blog. If you need suggestions on brands for certain things I'd be happy to help with my personal preferences =]


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